The European Election Studies (EES)

are about electoral participation and voting behaviour in European Parliament elections, but more than that. They are also concerned with the evolution of an EU political community and a European public sphere, with citizens’ perceptions of and preferences about the EU political regime, and with their evaluations of EU political performance. European Election Studies include more components than the postelection surveys among representative samples of voters. These additional components include content analyses of party manifestos (“Euromanifestos”), elite surveys and content analyses of media news.

Voter Study

The Voter Study consists of nationally representative post-election surveys.

Euromanifesto Study

The Euromanifestos Study analyses the manifestos issued ahead of EP elections.

Elite Study

The Elite Study Every involved a comprehensive study of political elites.

Media Study

The media study content-analyses main broadcaster in the EU member states.

The data and documentation associated with the EES study components are available for download, with a few exceptions, at the Data Archive of GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.